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"... it will remind you of the complexity of your existence, the ability to manipulate your own focus of observation, as well as vulnerability to external influences of mass manipulation and hypnosis which we are rarely aware of." , Anđela Trampus Salopek, Port.hr


The name Silver ties up with a starting point of fascination with reflection, similarities and reflection of reality, and of the individual experience of the theme of personal orientation within a society. Our position began to be reflected within the system in which inevitably we recognize our individuality only as a reflection in the mirror. That's how our experience of self becomes part of new visual subjectivity, 'which is determined both by the fact that the subject observes and that his subjectivity is being disturbed because he is also observed „They look at me and I know that I have been watched“.' (Author's note, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Visual Essentialism and the Object of Visual Culture).

In Silver we question general mimetic and representational paradigm of movement replication, or new image in an environment of contemporary culture in which visual context generates new reality, monitoring changes in self-monitoring. In Silver there is goal of consumption, and is differ in two potentials: consumption as the purpose and consumption as creation. We use this opportunity to create a platform, so called polygon, potentially-choreographic as at the time of arrival of the audience in front of their own image, where they have become more than just a passive observer. The set of moving images in a centre of potentially-choreographic determines Silver as a reduction of classical composition solutions in order to understand new realities and frees the performance of classical interpretation.

Silver is a multimedia installation. It is polygon that consists of six Stops, in which visitor passes through or consumes it. Each Stop has its own camera which is connected to the video surveillance system, so motions of visitors are registered. The content of the installation Stops are abbreviated: choreography, film quotes, interactive video and visual interpretation on themes of reflection and similarities. While observing certain Stop of installation, visitor’s perception is changing, that is, perception of visitor is manipulated, so Silver becomes a polygon for a coreoscopic monitoring of the audience in order to make the performance ambivalent.