collaborators —

Amela Pašalić

collaborates with O.N.E. in organisation and PR. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb in marketing and did a master's degree in cultural management at the Barcelona-based Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. She also finished School for contemporary dance Ana Maletić. Works with the Zagreb Dance Center since 2010 as leader of the initiative titled Integration through Dance and as head of public relations and protocol of the Dance Week Festival. Also co-organizer of the BOILING POINT project showcasing Croatia’s contemporary painting. From March 2013 works in Premisa as a consultant.

Dora Đurkesac

collaborated with O.N.E. on projects Silver, Black, Sisyphus Pink and Luna Malekova. Works on creation of dance videos, animations, and design. Born in 1988 in Zagreb. Finished School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in 2005. In 2012 graduated industrial design at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb with the work 'Choreography of movement in public space’. As a designer, she is one of the founders of the design company Manufakturist. Currently studying on masters program in new media, on the Academy of fine art. Her work involves interdisciplinary approaches linking design, contemporary dance and new media.

Sara Barbieri

collaborated on projects Silver, BLU, Black and Sisyphus Pink.

She is a member of Zagreb Dance Company . She has since danced in all of the company productions (“Solitaire”/ Iztok Kovac, “Stripped”/ Snježana Abramović-Milković, “Blink”/ Martine Pisani, “UTF-8”/ Sahar Azimi, “Interface”/ Snježana Abramović-Milković, “Under the eyelids”/ Laura Aris, “Three Grannies”/ Ognjen Vučinić, "Changes"/ Vučinić, Nevistić, Mišić). She has participated in numerous dance workshops in the country and abroad. She acts as co-author within the artistic organization O.N.E. (“Blue”/ Nevistić, Korenčić, "Black"/ Nevistić, Korenčić) and has also worked with choreographers outside the company (“Modulacija-oblik 2”/ Marija Ščekić, “Squirrels Strike Back”/ Maja Drobac, "Kids in the play"/ Anton Lachky, "Dubrad prokleta"/Natalija Manojlovic). She is a Yoga and Pilates instructor and holds a master degree from the Faculty of Political Science. Today, she lives and works in Vienna.

Petra Chelfi

collaborated with O.N.E. in project Sisyphus Pink. She is dance artist based in Zagreb. She took part at numerous workshops in Croatia and abroad. 2009 she become member of Zagreb Dance Company. She is co-founder of dance organization Studio Tras. Also, 2006 she finished her studies in Psychology and 2010 become teacher of dynamic styles of yoga (RYT200). In addition, she is mother of two children and loyal friend. Although she is very popular, she doesn’t like Facebook and smartphones.

Pavle Heidler

collaborated on project Sisyphus Pink. He graduated from P.A.R.T.S. and is currently working on his master thesis at DOCH (Stockholm University of the Arts). His theoretical research of the value of understanding performativity is developed consequently between the social and the theatrical is paired with his stage work, as seen in the Sun and the Moon Series. His work was presented in a number of european venues (de Singel, Opera de Lille, Kaaitheatre Studios, Teatro Maria Matos, Zagreb Dance Centre). His writings on dance is available at:

Prior to starting professional dance education: at the age of 15 danced for Studio -contemporary dance company; participated in a major company piece - “The Rite of Spring” choreographed by Slovenian choreographer Matjaž Farič. Later that year cast in a trio “A woman who speaks too much” created by Croatian choreographer Mirjana Preis. Over the years he spent as a member of the dance department at Zagreb Youth Theatre he was cast roles in multiple dance performances and shows. Trained in voice and violin in music school Glazbena škola Vatroslava Lisinskog.

After graduating from high school (age 17) was accepted to study in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) - Salzburg, Austria. But finally - graduated from P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) on June 24, 2012.

Since early 2010 he has been working on Behind the Sun series, which is a collection of pieces, which are composed around the concept of practice being the core of an artistic body of work; practice is the main material but also that which articulates the relationship between the artist and the (actual) content of his or hers work. Behind the Sun counts two made performances and three that are in process of production.

Using the practice as his base, Pavle enters collaborative processes and through engagement is trying to understand various relationships between contexts, priorities, technique, interest, ego, success and body, movement, dance.

Since 2012 Pavle is a published author of essays and texts on dance and culture at large.

Rona Žulj

collaborated on projects Black and Sisyphus Pink.

Rona Žulj graduated on Zagreb Academy od Drama Arts and by that she earned - roughly translated - an Academic Dramaturg title. As a dramaturg, and more often dramaturg-writer, she worked on mostly independent theatre productions in ITD Theatre and Kufer. As an author (not to say – a director) she has done two pieces: Hommage I. (2011) and Irina's soul is like an expensive piano (2013). As a playwright, she still hasn't seen her plays set on stage in Croatia. As a screenwriter she is still waiting for the shootings to begin. As a copywriter she works at the creative agency I TO NIJE SVE! and lives of that most happily.

Luka Matić

collaborated with O.N.E. on projects Sisyphus Pink and Luna Malekova. He is finishing his studies on Academy of Dramatic Arts, department of Cinematography. He has been collaborating with the young and renowned artists on films and in theatre, as a cameraman, colourist, photographer and light designer.

Miro Manojlović

collaborated with O.N.E. on project Sisyphus Pink. Born 1985 in Zagreb. He is doing theater, film and music. 2009 he finished Secondary music school Lisinski, Department – percussion, in a class od a professor Elvira Happ and 2011 graduated from the Academy of Drama Art, departement for Film and editing.
2011 his eksperimental film "Showgirls" was awarded with a prize "Maximilian Paspa" at Showcase of KinoKlub Zagreb. 2013 his eksperimenalni film "Charlie, I love you" was listed and shown on the opening night on festival Croatian Film Days. He is an active member of the KinoKlub Zagreb.

Luka Grubišić-Čabo

collaborated on projects Silver, BLU, Black and Sisyphus Pink. He was born on 11 January 1983 in Zagreb. 2009 he graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb with a diploma thesis on sound and sound absorption. Same year he started his professional music career and worked as an author, singer and guitar player. Between 2010 and 2012, he took The Audio Masterclass – Music Production & Sound Engineering correspondence course, which was taught by the renowned British producer David Mellor. In 2011, he opened his own music production studio named Radiona where he works as an audio engineer and produced his first album with the band Luft in 2012 (Luft, 2012, Aquarius Records). He also worked on the sound design and/or sound editing for short promotional, live action and animated films.

Iva Korenčić Čabo

is co-author of projects Silver, BLU, Black, and collaborated on projects Evolution revolution.
She was born on 5 April 1986 in Zagreb. She graduated from the "Ana Maletić" School of Contemporary Dance. She continued her dance studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), she lives in Zagreb since 2007 where she worked as a dancer, author and a photographer. She collaborated with Marjana Krajač (Arijadna na Naxosu, The Store, Forenzika i fuga za fascikl, Simple life, Endless love transportt/Nothing), sa Andrejom Široki (Metar 70 i nešto). Since 2008, she has been furthering her knowledge on visual arts and the new media – with a tendency towards photography and film. She is currently studying cinematography and photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

Vanja Vascarac

collaborated with O.N.E. on project Silver. He finished his studies from the Film and Television at the School for Film and New Media at Savannah College of Art Design (USA). His student film "Insomniac" (2002) is shown at the Cannes Film Festival (Quinzaine des realisauteurs - Savannah showcase) and the Motovun Film Festival. Since 2006 he is director of short films program at the Libertas Film Festival Dubrovnik, and co-director of the Fantastic Zagreb.

Damir Korenčić

collaborated with O.N.E. on project Silver. He graduated from Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb. Currently works at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in the field of computer science. He is a fan of many funny and merry things.

Ante Nevistić

collaborated with O.N.E. on project Silver. He is engaged in music, a resident at / hardcore central. He collaborates with O.N.E. in Silver project he was a visual support. Also, he gained master degree from the Faculty of Transportation Sciences.

Filip Nevistić

collaborated with O.N.E. in all projects. He is technical and organization support. He graduated at the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb.

Ana Vuzdarić

collaborated with O.N.E. on the project Luna Malekova. Ana is a visual artist. She has a degree in Fashion design from the Faculty of Textile Technology and in New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She works as a freelancer and as part of an interdisciplinary artist collective Ljubavnice/Lovers.,

Ivana Pavlović

collaborated with O.N.E. on project Luna Malekova. Born 1983 in Zagreb. She is freelance dancer and active member on the Croatian dance scene as dancer and performer. She participated in various projects and collaborated with numerous choreographers and authors produced by Eks scena, Liberdance, &TD Theater, Zagreb dance centre, Zagreb dance company. She is one of a founder of collective Tras, which gathers around the idea of their own projects, inviting renowned choreographers and directors to work with them. She is a dance pedagogue in Liberdance studio and licensed yoga teacher (RYT200). Also, she finished her studies in psychology on University of Zagreb.

Nina Križan

works on production and organization of O.N.E. She gained a title Bachelor of production. In 2013 she enrolled MA of production of performing arts on Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She has worked on several short films and the theatre and dance performances.

Saša Bastaić

He collaborated with O.N.E. as a designer on the project LunaMalekova. Saša was born in Zagreb 1985. At the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, 2011 he finished his studies in Design. During the end of the study, he joined the agency Digitel&factory of commercials, and from 2013 he works in Publicis Worldwide-Zagreb, as a senior designer. In his free time he plays percussion, he paints and illustrates, also his filed of interest is in 3D modelling, writing and film.

Višeslav Laboš

collaborated with O.N.E. on project Luna Malekova. He is sound designer, musician and DJ. He finished his studies in Journalism and his studies of sound design at Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb. His works in field of theatre and movies (Montažstroj, Zagreb dance company. Museum of contemporary art, David Maljković, Ivana Popović, Vlado Knežević, Tomislav Šoban...). As a musician, he collaborates with Ivan Kapec in project "Loop Chamber Music". Both independently and with a group "Impromondays", he released several independent albums. He has performed in the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Serbia.