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event horizon2015

"... Creates links between movements on the level of atom, of micro-organisms to cosmic bodies.... extended visual environment whose role is equal to movement ...", Jelena Mihelčić, plesnascena.hr


"Event horizon" is a spherical surface that marks the border of a black hole. The event horizon marks the point beyond which it is possible to enter, but it is impossible to get out. Absence of rules, yet the existence of processes, events, interdependence, movement, attraction, actions, reactions, power, pulsation. The anatomical analogy starts with the laws of physics, which is the starting point of choreographic building block. The range of movement was brought thought the service of the body in the minimum and maximum work with different dynamics and qualities. The body as such, we see as a shape, and in interdependence with other shapes, it creates pulsations evoking the particular organism in its being.

“Event horizon” deals with transformation of space, time and body creating the atmosphere of some other dimension, some far away world, but again very familiar one. It stages a link between micro cosmos of one unit, one inner world, and other units in their unique way of interaction, thus creating a bigger, wider picture of universe, the macro cosmos.