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evolution revolution2012

The installation deals with the issue is a man truly in harmony with nature or is there a reverse evolution of man in action, in relation to the consideration of the nature.


Evolution revolution is an installation dealing with the link between man and nature, and focusing on how the evolution of humans might connect with their relationship to nature. During human activities, which may be urban development or exploitation, a human changes the natural environment, which often leads to distortion, while creating a new environment resulting from the need for nature. The installation deals with the notions of manipulation, co-existence and all the benefits that one gets from nature: the need, beauty, and even profit. Has human consciousness evolved in such a way as to seek profit in everything? Are we modern-time amoebae? In terms of choreography, the installation explores the motion of every individual passing through the installation, and whether this is a manipulation of the audience and performers. The installation deals with questions whether the man really acts in harmony with the nature and whether a reversed evolution of man in relation to the deliberation of nature is in action.

The piece Evolution Revolution by Martina Nevistic was presented 2011 on Perforations festival in Zagreb, after participating in the Summer Lab 2011 of network Imagine 2020 at Domaine d'O in Montpellier, which is a theatre festival linking arts and science. Also, work was shown from 27 of September till 30 of October 2012 in Montpellier at Domaine d'O.